Using video content to market your hotel

 using video content to market your hotelEverybody loves to go “behind the veil” and see the inner workings of a brand. Especially if it’s a business they know or luxury experience they desire.

Worried that allowing your guests such a close view will ruin the beauty of the first hand experience? Don’t be.

In fact, this approach  offers a unique way to showcase the people behind the brand. It offers an opportunity for your guests to have a more intimate connection with them.

Here are three ideas for using video content to market your hotel.

Event Preparation

Are you hosting a wedding or a large function? Create video content showcasing behind the scenes preparation.

Most people expect stress and drama behind the scenes. If you can showcase a controlled, well managed production, then you’ve set down tracks for making good sales in the near future.

People will book venues where they know the management can handle important occasions with aplomb.

Consider showing your event manager making a final check of the table settings with his or her team, and doing final checks on the event run sheet with sound, stage and lighting technicians and sharing what has been planned to make the event visually stunning. Plan your shoot efficiently, communicate your plans widely and you’ll have yourself great branded content to share with the world.

 Expansion or Refurbishment

Are you restoring your ballroom to its original heritage design? Or are you adding an entire new wing? Even if it’s as simple as adding a new bar or pool deck, showing the planning stages, the discussions with architects, designers, historians, city planners – all these make really interesting content and also work well to keep your guests informed about what’s going on at the hotel and excited about the upcoming changes.

Sommelier Wine Training

We love going to a restaurant where the staff really know their stuff and can tell you about every wine on the menu. However we rarely get a glimpse into how staff come about this knowledge. Why not do a series on how your sommelier trains your team on your wine list? Showcase the training and wine appreciation activities that go on before doors open for service. This has several benefits – the guests get to enjoy learning about the wine, and you get to show your dedication to top-notch customer service.

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