Mauro’s Top Tips for Hotel Photography No. 1: Whatever you do, don’t forget the magic of details!

Detail shots are a special kind of image. They don’t capture an entire scene but instead, focus small element. A vase of flowers. The light falling through a window. Cushions comfortably stacked and ready for a guest to sink into.

Detail shots can be powerful and evocative, precisely because they are focused and simple. Take a look at some of the these detail shots and you’ll see why and how they work.

1. The Conference and Event Detail Shot. This image is a simple image, showing a conference room set-up. But it also shows precision, order, attention to detail and care. These are important considerations which a client will weigh up when deciding whether to book your venue or not.


2. The Room Detail

This is a detail shot of a room. It only shows a small portion of the room, which also has lovely views and decor. But in one small shot we get a lot of information about the hotel. We see elements of contemporary design, a focus on beauty and a feeling of spaciousness, because of the amount of light in the picture. Again, a detail image such as this can inspire sales and encourage social media shares so don’t understimate their value!


3. The Architectural Detail Shot

If your property has historical or architectural significance, the architectural detail shot is a must! Beauty, history, grace, tradition; all of these elements can be communicated in detail images.

Need inspiration? Think about the era the building was built in, what it’s been used for since, and how the building has changed and evolved over time. Make the most of all of the story-telling opportunities these detail shots will provide!

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