Photography by Mauro Risch

In this blog post I thought I’d share with you some of the game changers in hotel and resort photography .

Your marketing team will often be challenged to promote your brand in the most cutting edge ways. Technology changes quickly and new creative methods are being developed all the time. And at every moment, you’ll have competitors with larger budgets. Better contacts. Or the ability to go to market more quickly with new ideas.

Here are my top tips on how you can be competitive by harnessing these game changers. They’ll help to take your image library to a whole new level!



Aerial vistas – incorporating drone technology for high-impact, bird’s eye view panoramas

There is nothing like seeing a landscape from the air. Aerial photography can lend a sense of awe to any scene. It’s a spectacular way to show sweeping views of nature. Think beaches, rainforests, harbours, islands and landmarks that are key attractions for visiting guests.

Aerial photography is now more accessible for hotels and resorts. This is largely due to new drone technology. Drones are small air crafts. They are piloted either by on board computers or by remote control, managed by the photographer on the ground.

Before drone technology, aerial photography of your property could be expensive. You would need to hire a helicopter or a small plane. Everything would ride on that one day of shooting to get it right.

With drone technology, you can send a drone up several times over a period of days. This means you have time to get the best out of the weather conditions. And because it’s cheaper, you can shoot for longer and capture different times of day and different viewpoints. There’s a lot more room to experiment and try various options. It’s very exciting, and the clients who have commissioned this kind of work have absolutely loved the product.

game changers
game changers
game changers

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Underwater landscapes – showcasing new terrains your guests have never seen before

If your hotel or resort is located in the tropics or close to any other oceanic attraction, then you must invest in underwater photography. You’ll never look back.

Underwater photography is so captivating that it will do more selling of your property, across more channels, than you can imagine. Your image libraries will be nothing short of spectacular. You will have at your fingertips a hundred new ways to market and promote your property. What are you waiting for?

game changers
game changers
game changers

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