Ramping up your hotel sales and marketing assets? Here’s how to make sure you tick off on of the most important things- the perfect pool shot.

If your property has a pool, marketing marketing your hotel with the perfect pool shot is crucial. It sets both the scene and the tone for your guest experience. Because it’s so it’s important to get it right, here are our top tips on how to plan for the perfect pool shot.

Remember the basics: pristine cleanliness

No matter how many other things you get right, if you don’t have this one sorted, you’ll miss the mark. Your pool needs to sparkle. Ensure your maintenance team have scrubbed and polished your entire pool area. The inside of the pool, the paving and lawns and deck chairs: all these should look flawless. Cushions should be dazzlingly bright. Pool lights should be checked to ensure they’re all working and the water quality of your pool should also be managed to perfection in advance of your shoot.

The key to the perfect pool shot: selling the experience

Are you in the luxury market? What pool-side service offerings are available to guests and can you incorporate them in your photography? Can you capture elegantly attired staff offering hand towels, chilled beverages, delivering pool side treats and beautifully presented culinary dishes?

Pampering: Include fresh flowers, thick fluffy towels and long glistening glasses of water thoughtfully positioned on side tables next to deck chairs.

Well being: it’s all about attention to the senses. Cushions, colour, softness and ease can help guests envision themselves stepping out of their every-day stress and into their guest experience. Help them imagine all of the possibilities available to them during their stay.

Relaxation: Relaxation means peace, quiet, time to breathe. Space. No clutter. No busy-ness. Aim for quiet shots here; gentle early morning or late afternoon light, wide shots that can include trees, pathways, the ocean, the proximity of nature.

Family: Pools are a great attraction for families. If you cater to this market, pool side shots that feature special family offerings such as kids clubs and swim lessons can also be a great product to capture.

In summary, your hero pool shot should sell mood and evoke the senses. Your guests want to know exactly how relaxed, how pampered, how indulged and taken care of your staff can make them and their families feel. Use your pool shot to tell potential guests this story with all the visual and aesthetic cues that you can.

Imagery by Mauro Risch, The Hotel Photographer

Over the last decade, Mauro Risch has become known simply as The Hotel Photographer. He is trusted by PR and marketing teams, hotel managers and executive brand teams right across the Asia Pacific region. Mauro is the preferred photographer for some of the top operators across the industry, including Intercontinental, Carlson Rezidor, Marriott and Wyndham.

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