The Style Stakes: styling your hotel photo shoot

Styling your hotel photo shoot might sound scary to hotel managers who have never had such a responsibility before! But styling a hotel photo shoot can be easy – and fun!

There are several different ways to manage the styling requirements for a shoot.

Option 1: hire a stylist

If styling is completely out of your comfort zone, there are a lot of great stylists who can take that load off your hands. When you book Mauro for a shoot, he’ll always have the phone numbers of stylists he can recommend. A stylist will usually work closely with your photographer to coordinate:

  • the overall look of the shoot
  • props
  • wardrobe

Option 2: get  your marketing, communications or design team to help

If your property is part of a large brand chain, contact your head office team and make use of the brains trust that sits in your brand teams. There may be colleagues in creative roles in marketing, design and communications that are more than capable of styling your hotel photo shoot They may either give you a style guide for your shoot that you can follow on the day, or they may be able to travel out for the shoot and help you on the ground on the day.

styling a hotel photo shoot 1

Style Sample: the hero room shot, with talent

This was a shoot done in a new hotel in Darwin. The styling was all based around the idea of light and simplicity.

The room product itself was stunning and we really had do very little to dress it.

We wanted a feeling of breathing out. Of having this wonderful, private space full of natural light and with a view you could look at all day. The goal for these shots was to showcase the potential at this property for second-to-none leisure time. A hotel perfect for low key private time spent relaxing, reading, chilling.

The white t-shirt and cargo pants the model is wearing were inexpensive, the whole outfit didn’t cost more than thirty dollars.

But this was the point, in your own private room, in such a beautiful space, we wanted the focus to be on comfort and ease – clothes that didn’t constrain you, that let you move easily. More important is the focus on looseness, softness and calm.

Set against the natural wood panelling of the headboard and the flowers on the side table, there is also a gentle earthiness to the shots. We were going for natural and low key, partly because this is Darwin. Things just are relaxed. But also because this is the tone of the brand promise: beauty and privacy, but also a change to relax. To be yourself. To embrace a return to simple pleasures.

This shot goes to show that it doesn’t take a big styling budget to show a mood. Rather, it was about showing tactile cues  such as softness, ease and comfort.  It was about celebrating of natural light a simple colour palettes, and in doing so, telling an inviting story of a guest stay.

Styling a hotel photo shoot 2
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