Photographing gifts, products and servicesPromoting gifts, products and services? Don’t forget, images sell!

As a hotel marketing manager you might be sourcing or manufacturing branded products. They’re great to use as VIP gifts, special offers or as part of an accommodation package.

If you’re gearing up for a new campaign, it’s a great idea to arrange photography of the product you’ve developed and plan to promote.

This will give you an essential new sales tool and bring the offer to life. Photos also allow to you to create visual brand stories. The branded towel, pictured left, was beautifully anchored in a brand story about summer, freedom, relaxation – with a bit of glamour tied in.

Your new product image library will help you showcase your offer. Feature your product shots on your website and online booking engines. Tantalise your followers across social media. Excite them with stunning in-venue posters and as part of all your wider marketing activity.

Here are our tips for great product photography

Tip  1: Always shoot the product honestly.

Show a clear indication of what your guest will receive, in order that you can manage their expectations.

If you are offering a complimentary bottle of wine for weekend guests, plan to photograph the exact kind of wine they will receive, as stylishly and effectively as possible.

Tip 2: Plan for a range of shots from basic to aspirational

Simple shots on a plain background which will  allow editors and designers to more easily showcase the product in their page layouts, blog posts and  reviews. Aspirational shots will help sell the feeling, mood or benefit of the product. Make sure you get both!

Tip 3: Feature the branding

Got your brand logo on the product? Show it! This helps to show the product is unique to your brand and has been custom designed with your guests in mind.

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