hotel marketing: animated images that showcase your brand

Hotel marketing: animated images that showcase your brand

I’m excited to share with you a new kind of imagery that I’ve been developing for my clients. Take a look at the images below – can you see the subtle animations? Each one creates a unique visual moment. Animated images are perfect on your website and social media channels. Incorporated into your image library, they become a fresh way to showcase your brand. They offer an element of surprise at the same time.

Client Collaborations

  • Chocolate Hallucination: I created this for a Brazilian chef who is developing a new brand of café products. The warm, flowing chocolate makes a creative statement. Not to mention stimulating desire in the hearts and minds of chocolate lovers!
  • Vibe Hotel Canberra Airport: I made this exterior hero image for TFE’s November 2015 launch of their latest property. The unique wind sculpture really aligns with Vibe Hotels’ signature style – contemporary and design-focused.
  • Dusk from the Deck: This inviting scene features the Silverwater Resort in San Remo, Phillip Island. It showcases the ambiance of the restaurant and its sensational water views. The colours and light sell calm serenity. The detail sells the new decking and outdoor heaters.
  • Balcony Breeze: This animated image features Travelodge Rockhampton, Queensland. It showcases the relaxing, quiet and private moments that guests experience at this property.

And a few more..

  • Lights On – Crown Plaza: A great example of an exterior property shot where the animation just adds a little bit of additional drama for effect. Great for city hotels and urban landscapes. One of my favourites, this shot was taken from the middle of the street at 5am for Crown Plaza Auckland. Adding the soundtrack made it even more interesting!
  • Coogee Beach Sunset: An animated still doesn’t have to be overdone. Often, the more detailed the animation, the more interesting it is. Coogee Beach Sunset was one of my first animated stills. I had originally wanted to freeze all the rest and keep the waves coming and going on a loop. After looking at it, it seemed too obvious. I took a different approach, by freezing the waves and letting the life come up on the cars at the beach.
  • Champagne with a View: I created this image was also created for Silverwater Resort. The champagne is part of the welcome basket for honeymooners, newlyweds, and couples celebrating special anniversaries.


What can you do with animated images?

Animated stills are perfect for creating engaging scenes that you can use across websites, newsletters, in room TV menus, 15 seconds Instagram posts, Facebook videos, Twitter videos, show displays – you name it! I’ve just finished shooting the footage of the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles – watch this space to see it as my next animated still!