In celebration of 50k followers on Instagram – what you’ll love about Mauro’s Hotel Photographer Instagram feed

By Jordan Harcourt-Hughes

They eye of the photojournalist

Underneath the industry expertise and artistic style that works for him so well as a photographer of hotels and resorts, there is another layer of skill in Mauro’s work – which is that of a photojournalist. Mauro has this incredible openness to life, a curiosity that leads him and his camera into wonderful places, and many of his most intriguing Instagram pictures are candid and off the cuff  – but you know you’re somewhere special and Mauro is showing you a secret corner of the world with its myriad of cultures and mysteries that you might not see otherwise.

Not just food, but life and wonder

It’s not just that the food always looks sensational. Of course it does. Mauro’s food photography actually makes you hungry, and his beverage shots get you looking at the time and wondering if it might be drink-o-clock, because, really, the cocktails look too good not to be inspired into action by.

But there’s more, and it comes down to these different layers of creative talent that Mauro brings to his work. The food images talk about providence and journey-making. They talk about experience; a weekend drive through the southern highlands that ends with a casual but delicious pasta meal, or a balloon ride followed by a champagne and guava breakfast. Or, a meander through St Kilda of an evening, that ends with pastry treat chosen from the best bakeries on Ackland St. The food is part of an experience of life and of travel, full of colour and style and vibrancy and wonder.

Nature – get me out there!

Nature is everywhere in Mauro’s photography, highlighted through sharp contrasts, infused with rich colour and marked with a signature freshness which permeates every image. From the beaches of Ipanema, Brazil, to the golden canola fields of Cobram, Victoria, and everywhere in between, these are the pictures that make you happy to feel alive and desperate to plan your next weekend outdoors, plan your next vacation and get out exploring the world.

Hotel life

Hospitality is an industry of change, trends, evolution and new experiences, but there are elements that are timeless hallmarks of tradition and classic good service. Mauro’s hotel and resort images show the excitement of new experiences, but also the pride staff take in their work, the finesse in the very fine details of serving a guest, and the truth that for many, hospitality is a noble calling.

Signs, shadows and negative space

Some of Mauro’s most breathtaking images lie in his portfolio of architectural work. They have an almost filmic quality, with incredible attention paid to light, lines, and balance. Walls become sculpture, building exteriors become entire landscapes in and of themselves and details such lights bloom like midnight flowers in the wild.

A few words from Mauro on images in Panel #1 (Right)

Hey Taxiiiiiiii!!! Getting a cab at Times Square is not that easy. Let’s take the A train. Manhattan, New York.

Best lacquered ducks ever. Little butcher like house in old city Hong Kong. $10 will take you a long way when it comes to good food at the market.

The barber shop in the arab quarter of old Jerusalem. This was an amazing store to find in the Shuk.

Fish head by the rocks at west coast of Kangaroo Island. South Australia.

Mauro on images in Panel #3 (Right)

51 shades of turquoise blue. I had the chance to work at the south coast of Western Australia, between Albany and Denmark. The region used to be famous for the whaling industry in the early 20th century, but thankfully, no more. Lots of stories with the big white sharks now in the area. The beaches are pristine with white sand and temperatures around 30°C. Is it what they call heaven?

Sunset: It is the best thing in life when you can enjoy spending time with your loved ones. Family and friends. Nothing makes life better. Of course, traveling and having a camera in my hands, makes it just a touch more special. Cheers to a coming weekend, hopefully with all of those together.

Canola fields. First time I saw this concentration of yellow plants, I thought it was was all weeds. While travelling in the state of Victoria with my assistant, he told me that this was actually planted to extract the oil. The colours are simply blinding against a blue sky and the fields go on for miles. This specific one was photographed on our way to Cobram, NW of Victoria.

Horse riding in the mountains of Port Villa, Vanuatu.


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Mauro on images in Panel #2 (Left)

Tuna Sashimi and salmon eggs. My favorite raw fish goes well with anything, but this was just to die for. Great sushi man, Jack, at Isshin Japanese restaurant.

Blue mussels and toast, outdoors with a glass of white wine at Lindenderry Estate, Red Hill, Mornington Peninsula, Vic. Photographed for Lancemore Group.

Chocolate is perfection.

Grilled fish served on banana leaves. This delicacy was found at the Port Villa Saturday market, Vanuatu. One of the many flavours to enjoy in this little island. Don’t miss it.