Two equally important types of photos

Mauro Risch The Hotel Photographer

An incredible brand shot is really important for your business. So is a killer sales shot. So what is the difference between the two, you might ask? A brand shot is about capturing the essence of a thing. In this case, it’s about capturing that element that makes your brand unique, and sets you apart from your competitors.

Getting to the essence of a brand shot

As a photographer, there are several ways I get to the essence of a brand. The first is when I meet with you, the client. This client briefing process always helps illuminate the brand strategy and the target audience that my photographs will speak to. Having many years in the hotel industry also helps to give me a deep understanding of the competitive environment and where in that landscape a brand is positioning themselves.

However one of the most important parts of the process is actually being on site, in the property, and getting a feel for how the space and the brand come together to create a unique experience for guests.

I always offer to visit a property before the shoot, sometimes even before I’ve submitted a quote. It’s never a ‘must’, but it’s always invaluable. If you’d like me to come and visit your property, just ask! 

Brand shots: speaking to the heart and the imagination

A brand shot doesn’t show everything. It’s a sensory treat, a flash or a moment that ignites desire, inspiration or reflection. It’s that feeling of ‘I wish was I was there’ that the photographs ignite. Whenever you get that reaction, you know your brand images are working their magic.

Often, when I’m shooting, there will be moments in time where magic happens – light combines with colour, structure with mood and I find a composition that delivers an image that gets right to the essence of the brand. It might be a glistening cocktail glass on a bar, the detailed print of a designer cushion, patterns of light that fall on a soft wood floor. Alternatively, it may be a shot that captures a signature style of service your property is reknown for.

These kinds of images tell a person about how they will feel when they are in your hotel. A brand image speaks to the heart – it’s not rational, it’s entirely personal and subjective.


Brand-focused photos: showing service, mood and style

Sales shots: speaking to the rational mind

A sales shot speaks to the head- it gives the viewer information about things that help the ‘rational’ side of decision making when it comes to making a hotel booking. How large are the bedrooms, the bathrooms? What does the property look like? Is it in a suitable location? These are equally as important in your image library, and you might consider them the ‘bread and butter’ of your photographic assets, as they’ll be used for booking engines, third party sales sites and your own website.

Here are a few examples of great brand shots and incredible sales shots – has your image library got both? Talk to me if I can help you get more out of your hotel image library.

Sales -focused photos: showing space, capacity, facilities