Vibe 2011_1

Getting ready for the party season?

Thinking about how to really promote your property and get people into your conference event spaces? Why not create amazing seasonal promotions for your hotel that capture the best of what your hotel brand offers.

Our example: event packages for the festive season. Don’t sell spaces, sell mood, energy and fun! This post is a behind-the-scenes look at how we created high-energy images for the Vibe Hotels brand to promote their conference and event spaces.

First things first: developing the brief

Our brief  was to create fun, energetic new marketing collateral for Vibe Hotels for the Christmas / New Year period. We wanted good vibes. The hotels had to be pumping. We wanted to do something big.


Getting Inspired

For this shoot I drew on my love of early morning music TV. I get a lot of creative inspiration from music videos and referenced some of my all time favourites for the style treatment of the shoot.

The first video was LMFAO’s party rock anthem because of its colour, energy and sense of fun. It’s packed with energy; crowds, music, collective fun and freestyle movement. The second video was Chris brown’s Yeah x 3. Slick styling, street dancing, a summer feel, and a strong vibrant colour palette.

Casting talent

To find out more about casting calls, read this post.

Sharing the vision

We asked everyone who participated in the shoots, from the photography crew to extras, to watch these two videos to get a feel for the mood we were after.

Bringing the best people together

Although we had a handful of Chawicks models in the shoot, the rest of our talent was home grown. We invited our friends from our Marketing, Sales, HR and IT teams. Supplementing professional talent with talent from your own company is not just a great way to keep costs down – it’s a great opportunity to have fun and collaborate with your work peers in an entirely new way!


LMFAO image credit here