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Brand Photography v Sales photography – what’s the difference?

Two equally important types of photos An incredible brand shot is really important for your business. So is a killer sales shot. So what is the difference between the two, you might ask? A brand shot is about capturing the essence of a thing. In this case, it’s about capturing that element that makes your brand unique, and sets you apart from your competitors. Getting to the essence of a brand shot As a photographer, there are several ways I get to the essence of a brand. The first is when I meet with you, the client. This client...

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Using your 2017 ‘money shot’ to inspire your 2018 marketing strategy – top tips for hotel managers

By this time of the year, you and every other hospitality marketer will have a pretty good idea of what your 2017 ‘money shots’ were. Those images that set your marketing campaigns alight. The hero shots that boosted the most traffic to your sites, got the most social media traction and showcased your brand most successfully. The image that boosted your profit margins above and beyond every other. It’s not about doing the same thing all over again What worked in 2017 may not work the same way in 2018. Marketing often relies on of-the-moment moods and feelings, and...

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Celebrating 50,000 followers on Instagram

In celebration of 50k followers on Instagram – what you’ll love about Mauro’s Hotel Photographer Instagram feed By Jordan Harcourt-Hughes They eye of the photojournalist Underneath the industry expertise and artistic style that works for him so well as a photographer of hotels and resorts, there is another layer of skill in Mauro’s work – which is that of a photojournalist. Mauro has this incredible openness to life, a curiosity that leads him and his camera into wonderful places, and many of his most intriguing Instagram pictures are candid and off the cuff  – but you know you’re somewhere...

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